At the meeting of Saturday, January 16, 2010 , Marcel De Munnynck intervened to present Brussels, gentrification and social issues that affect segregation, as well as cultural and social approach developed during the preparation of the Cultural Capital 2000 including Zinneke Parade.

Marcel De Munnynck has been coordinator of programming “Brussels European City of Culture 2000”, from the work of the preparatory phase for the socio-cultural aspects and associations, “right to culture “. He led the implementation of “The Zinneke Parade “, civic and artistic; coaching a hundred neighborhood associations by 200 artists in an action for social emancipation, a success: 4,500 voluntary participants, an estimated 300,000 public spectators by the authority of the city. Then he was responsible for the launch of the relationships between eight other European Cities of Culture 2000 (Avignon, France, Norway, Bergen, Bologna, Italy, Krakow, Poland, Helsinki, Finland, Czech Republic Prague, Reykjavik Iceland, Saint-Jacques de Compostela, Spain) and participated in the meeting in Amsterdam, the European Cultural Foundation, Art as a catalyst: artistic youth work in socially troubled Areas . In the following text attached, he studied the relationship between economic development, cultural creation, and social exclusion in Brussels.